Rabbi Duvid Katz lives in Boro Park Brooklyn section in New York.
Rabbi Katz was born in ‘71 to his parents Rabbi & Rebitzen Chaim Morderchai Katz Slavita Rav in Farockaway New York.
Rav Katz is a Musmach of Yeshiva Torah Vdaas & learned in Yeshiva Bais Hatlmud in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn New York. Rav Katz was a very close Talmud to Hagaon Rav Shaul Brus Zt”l which Rav Brus Zt”l showed a great liking to Rav Katz.

Rav Katz joined in ‘15 the world of Kashrus & in ‘18 he became Menahel of the Rabbinical Alliance of America Igud HaRabbonim where Rav Katz is affiliated with lots of Rabbi Rabonim & Dayanim in the Jewish world.
This podcast was initiated to spread Torah in Yiddish & English Kashrus & insides of Political views according to Jewish values & moralities that stand with the way of Torah.

Rabbi Katz always uses the 9th of the 13 Ani Mamins that the Rambam (Mimanedeis) wrote: “I believe that this Torah will never be changed” Rabbi Katz bases all his learnings & views in accordance of the holy Torah and in the ways he was thought by his Rebbe’s & his Choshive parents.
Rabbi Katz is a Chasidish follower of the Skevere Rebbe & Rachmistrivke Rebbe and has great closeness to great grand Rabbis in the Chasidish word.
Behind every Shiur stands behind his Choshive wife Mrs. Chaya Katz who is known as great person in the Jewish world.
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